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About Tranquility Nerds

What we do.

Tranquility Nerds is 100% mobile, meaning, we come to you. We offer our skills to help you transform your life and escape your stress. Tranquility is a state of being calm, collected, and in touch with who you are. Free from worries and stress. Tranquility Nerds therapists are focused on giving you the opportunity to enter this state of pure happiness. We use a combination of techniques, skills and knowledge to give you the most out of any treatment. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. To us, massage is not just our job, it's our way of life. When you receive a massage your therapist will ask you questions about your stress level, sleep pattern and about any pain you are physically feeling as a result. We then use this information and create a custom massage guaranteed to make you feel your best.
In our practice we use top quality biotone products designed specifically for what you need, From a calming lite massage oil to a heavy deep tissue lotion our therapists are prepared with you in mind.


Meet the Tranquility Nerds!

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Hello, Thank you for choosing Tranquility Nerds for your Massage needs. We are a talented group of individuals that love what we do. Here's a little info on each of our amazing team members.


Chris Cesena

Holistic Health Practitioner, CMT Cert# 12217

Hey, I'm Chris owner of Tranquility Nerds.

I opened Tranquility Nerds in order to share my talents with others. I have over 10 years of massage therapy experience and love what I do. My goal is to help others achieve relaxation and piece of mind through massage. 

I specialize in Deep Tissue and Thai Massage which help to relieve tension throughout the body.