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Featured Single-Note Aromatherapy

Breathe in the scent of serenity and balance with our Aromatic Tranquility add-ons. Your senses will be ensnared and your body relaxed in the beautiful fragrance of nature. Under the skilled hands of our massage therapists, you will feel rejuvenated by the luxurious aromas of essential oils we utilize.

Aromatherapy is free to add-on to your service. 
Call today to schedule your aromatherapy session as a part of any of our amazing treatments.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Image by Annie Spratt




Customer Favorite

Lavender alone is a wonderful scent that instantly relaxes the mind. Lavender is commonly used to treat insomnia and anxiety in aromatherapy. The earthy floral scent draws the mind in and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Top Seller

Eucalyptus is a refreshing and invigorating aroma that brings balance and harmony. This amazing scent opens your airways and clears the negative energy around us. Eucalyptus contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that pair well with any of our deep tissue or Swedish modalities.

New Addition

Mint has an extraordinary scent that is both grounding and refreshing in one breath. Commonly used to open the airways, Mint also provides a cooling sensation that helps to relax muscles and treat spasms. This is a go to for sports massage as well as shiatsu.

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