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Massage Services

Relax and unwind with these amazing services.

Tranquility nerds is proud to have amazingly skilled massage therapists that truly embrace the message of kindness. We believe that massage can impact the live of our clients which is why we stand 100% behind our clients in their goals. We never turn down a client in need and for that reason we provide various modalities to fit your needs.

Swedish Massage

Enjoy our relaxing Swedish massages

Escape the stress of your day as our trained massage therapist takes you in to a state of pure bliss! Tranquility Nerds will bring you spa-level treatments to your door with one of our free aromatherapy essential oils.

Towel on fern with candles and black hot
Pressure Point Massage

Deep Tissue

Tranquility Nerds Deep Tissue is not your average treatment. Escape the stress as your therapist applies our formulated deep tissue massage lotion and slowly warms the muscle tissues. With each new breath our therapist will work at relieving the discomfort of knots, and built up acids under the skin. This treatment will transport you to a realm of complete relief.

Thai Massage

The combination of Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. Feel your self melt into a new method of relaxation on the table.

Thai massage is a great way to stimulate the senses. Our therapists use passive stretching, neuromuscular facilitation, and myofascial release to alleviate pain. Leaving you feeling brand new. this treatment can be modified for table however is traditionally done on a Thai floor mat.

Thai woman making massage to a man.jpg
Aromatherapy Oil

Tranquil Aromatherapy

Breathe in the scent of serenity and balance with our Aromatic Tranquility add-ons. Your senses will be ensnared and your body relaxed in the beautiful fragrance of nature. Under the skilled hands of our massage therapists, you will feel rejuvenated by the luxurious aromas of essential oils we utilize.

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